Craig's Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Tips | When Do You Need Professional Furniture Restoration?
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When Do You Need Professional Furniture Restoration?

When Do You Need Professional Furniture Restoration?

One of the main reason why you would hire professional furniture restorers is because you have a valuable piece of furniture that is all but getting too old and decrepit. You probably own a piece of furniture that has been with your family for generations. A family heirloom that has been handed down to you from your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, all the way from your great, great, grandmother. And now the signs of wear and tear have become obvious. Whether it is a dresser, a corner table, a sofa, a bed, or a chair, professional furniture restorers NYC can get the job done. Any piece of antique furniture or family heirloom is worth restoring.

There are a number of things that can happen to antique furniture over the course of time. Climate conditions and the passing of seasons cause natural wear and tear on all furniture. All furniture grow old and weaken over time.

Frequency of use also causes furniture to grow old. This is also the leading cause of damage. Misuse and abuse also causes old antique furniture to suffer unnecessary damage, especially on jointed pieces.

Whatever paint or varnish that protected the wood and gave it an attractive sheen and color fades away over time. Especially if we are talking not just about decades, but of centuries old furniture. If the piece of furniture you inherited was neglected by its previous owners, chances are its paint or varnish is all but gone. The furniture looks sorry, old, and faded. It needs to be refurbished. Small scratches on newer furniture can easily be retouched. But in order to bring back the original shine and splendor of an antique family heirloom you need the help of furniture restorers NYC.

Jointed pieces suffer because of age and overuse. Joints are very delicate. Oftentimes, the pieces are joined together only by glue. Sometimes, they are pegged together by a wooden peg. These jointed pieces loosen in the passage of time and as a result of heavy use. Ever sat on an old wooden chair that wobbles and creaks? That is a result of weakened or damaged joint pieces. Oftentimes, the horizontal pieces for the seat and its underneath brace loosens from the single vertical piece for the back rest and back leg. A common mistake of inexperienced antique furniture owners is to nail the loose joints together! You are lucky if the wood doesn’t crack and break. You need a furniture restorers NYC company in cases like this.

If you appreciate and value your antique family heirloom, you need professional help for your furniture restoration.

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